Greetings, Wiki Community, once again! As you know we have many Community Staff members for the Wiki, and to narrow things down, we are going to open up a poll to select one of the staff members to become the protagonist for our Wiki.

That is to say that there won't be any Admins, but the Wiki is beginning, and we need one to lead us into development. The Game Developers have nothing to do with the Wiki Staff, other then some of then are the staff, which makes things difficult.

NOTICE: Only the Wiki Staff may participate in this poll. The poll will last until 12:00 AM EST, and the votes will be counted. Any candidate can drop out at any given time, and they will no longer be counted in the poll. Volunteer Staff are not admitted into the poll.









After the poll, the decision will be final. Please be sure to make sure your vote is cast and make your decision on your candidate. If you do not wish to vote, that is fine.