As game development progresses, the Wiki does as well. So far, we've lost the majority of our staff members, which is currently not really a significant issue. However, later on we might elect some more, possibly the ones we lost.

Moving along with business; the Wiki will continue to expand and grow as development as the Wiki moves along. That being said, the Wiki should get constant updates on the game development in order to act in accordance.

Regarding Wiki Source Code, we have incidentally took parts from the Lumber Tycoon 2 Wiki, and it wasn't rightfully ours. (At this point, I should say that we might also be getting more coders soon).

Recent adjustments to the Wiki include:

  • Chat Notifications
  • Established Theme
  • !Mod Pinging
  • New Head Admin & Bureaucrat
  • Game Developer Ranks (for identification)
  • Navigation Bar Testing

As previously stated, our CSS coding is currently not ours. If anyone cares to be set as a CSS Administrator, please contact me via Message Wall.

If there is any other adjustments you would like to be added to the Wiki as the Community attempts to grow, feel free to comment below.

Yours Truly;

~ ProgrammingUniverse ~ 06:23, September 21, 2016 (UTC)